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Actually Building Block Brands

I have a strong dislike (boom! the killer opening) of telly adverts featuring groups of people, usually crowds of extras in fields or streets ‘interacting’ with hugely scaled-up representations of a brand. Look: building with over-sized building blocks, following an … Continue reading

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Creating Inconvenience (a resumé in progress)

The tabs on the website at build stage read: Artworks, Stories, Designs… My colleague, collaborator, Pete Lippitt*, talks of the 21st Century Creative. He’s on a crusade, and with M.J., of course, to promote the polymath path; the creative-mind-on-its-game-in-a-number-of-games as The Truth … Continue reading

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The Colour of Mini

Cars – as Gary Numan once sang – what is it good for? Huh. Say it again. The thing about me and a motor, see, is that I do like a nicely coloured one. (My own mini, bizarrely, is black. … Continue reading

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Salty Beer

An early taste of lachrymose. Happy Friday Cheers! © Steve Mitchell, Fisher Lane, 2012

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His Nibs

A lovely but overbearing boss once informed me quite gravely that the most important and powerful tool that every salesman should have was a pen. It was the kind of intensely pop-eyed, finger-jabbing and well-meant statement that rather than laugh … Continue reading

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On Rolling Rock

When I read about the bits beneath the beer brand Rolling Rock, and all about the brew – the glass-linings, the “same as it ever was”, the silk-screen, the Titos, and, of course, the this-or-thatness of its number 33 – … Continue reading

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The Smell of Other People’s Houses

When I was a young innovator of incomparable flair, humility and panache, I had the notion for a scented plug-in doohickey that filled the home with aromas of sumptuous cooking. Be assured this was ages before anyone else came up … Continue reading

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