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Starfish and Coffee…

“If you set your mind free, baby, maybe you’d understand…” Prince

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Really, Victoria Wood

I’ve remarked on many occasions – including to strangers at bus stops – how I can’t be doing with Science Fiction. Or any Fantasy genre, come to that. I either get too distracted by the unmentioned – the toilets, where … Continue reading

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Hidden Tracks

Happily into Writer’s Digest’s April’s Poem-a-Day for a second year. Yesterday the theme was ‘hideouts’. For years I’ve carried around the thought of a ‘Lost in Music’ tattoo; planning on it being my first (it wasn’t). I re-wrote the piece in … Continue reading

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Green April Rain Again

Her first words this morning were, I can’t hear the birds. It’s raining. The sparrow commune in the eaves is waiting it out. Their day ahead is just sex in the wisteria, anyway – what’s to crow about? At the … Continue reading

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High Visibility (of your Love)

This morning I came across a Country and Western number I wrote in January 2013 under the deliciously boot-scootin’ moniker of Situation Steve. It’s the (confusingly uptempo) story of a man who… well – see for yourself. I’ve provided the … Continue reading

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