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Dracula’s Castle

Last night I met someone who opened my eyes to the possibility that it was never my fault. Someone who allowed me to dare to believe that I was not in the wrong, that there was, after all, a different … Continue reading

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Paperback Writer

Tree fellers are round this morning to sort out the business with the dead trees and the over-lively hedge. Their gaffer is a character, a good man as I know, I wouldn’t think destined for Watchdog. He’s exactly twenty years … Continue reading

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True Confessions

Me: Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been twelve weeks since my last confession (holidays, measles, some reason). Priest: Twelve weeks? This had better be good. It was never good. As a performance. As worthy of anybody’s … Continue reading

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Shine On, Michael Moon

Things I don’t say often: ‘Keep the change’; ‘Surprise me’; and ‘Blimey, Eastenders has got its shit together.’ Actually, the first two I’ve never said, but the latter I suddenly find myself remarking with some regularity, and with specific regard … Continue reading

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Saturday Boy

At sixteen I quit the paper round. A tip-off from one of my sisters, a Saturday Girl at the butcher’s in the Arndale, told me there was a job going at their factory in Garforth.1 Whilst it wasn’t a huge … Continue reading

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The Paperboy

Early morning walk. A paperboy on a bike was, unintentionally, of course, kind of keeping pace with me. I wanted to ask him what the going rate was nowadays, but didn’t think that would make for an appropriate exchange, which … Continue reading

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The Gym

Your kitchen. Halve it, and you’ve got the space of our local gym. Not to say that’s a problem, and more often than not when I go in the daytime there’s rarely more than two of us in, and it … Continue reading

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