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Posts from the Var Side, 2016 – 4. Soaked Through but Happy

Midweek it’s raining and I’m all about thinking ‘cool days in hot countries’, and of course the cool of rain. The market in the morning, where the smells are very different in the wet air; less of fruit and more … Continue reading

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Two Voices: That’s When I Knew

Last week I dredged up some small ‘material’ I’d had on my mind for some time. I kind of shoved it into the drawer marked Kacky the Kittin, and it seemed to close without too much forcing, so I was … Continue reading

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Posts from the Var Side, 8th October

TUESDAY 8TH OCTOBER 2013 – Bar Culture ‘How’s your book, doodler?’ ‘Sooo good,’ I say, ‘I don’t want it to end.’ And thus went the simple exchange just before lunch on the balcony. The book referred to, That Old Ace … Continue reading

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Little Pieces, 1 – Bad Choices

If you really want to know, it’s because he kept singing ‘Hotel Calamifornia’ instead of ‘California’. He thought it was funny – his thing – to add in the extra syllable. But it was so annoying. In the end, I … Continue reading

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Orwellian Notes On Erroneous Queueing

I had occasion yesterday* to observe a peculiar bit of going-on at a pub where I was visiting, and thought I might share a few notes about it. As I write it up now I do so having just finished … Continue reading

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Muntins, by A Lady

March 7th, International Muntins Day, in a way. What are the chances of my unearthing this, a poem upon that subject, by the Edwardian character whose output I increasingly seem to stumble upon? Irregardless (as someone I knew used to … Continue reading

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His Repeated Bozness: The Mentionable Life of Dickens

As the 201st birthday (today) of old marvellous scribble-pants Charles ‘The Inimitable’ Dickens flails into view, I find myself hard into my 201st biography of his Bozness, being Claire Tomalin’s thumper, Charles Dickens, A Life, and imagined I might, for … Continue reading

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