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The Act of Arriving

There’s a lovely thing, if you’re so minded to think it, of watching arrivals at airports. I mean the people, not the planes. Inevitably early (really, I should get help) in meeting my incoming, I settle down to watch others … Continue reading

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The Brand Unsocial

This week I’ve had a fascinating and frustrating encounter with a branded business, one outcome of which is the unpleasant realisation that my relationship with a brand I’ve loved and want to keep loving has suddenly turned to crap. And that … Continue reading

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In a story I’m writing, a man, in the meeting room of a business organisation, alone by reason of there being no meeting and, frankly, by his having no business being there, finds himself musing upon – in monologue or … Continue reading

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Steve’s TV Peeves

They say the sun always shines on TV. They say there’s 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On). Heck, they say a lot of things. But what say they take some time out to go Bingo-ing mad for some top spots from … Continue reading

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Green April Rain

Mid-April steams in with its anniversary of a significant soaking. I have one too. Twenty-two years ago this week I began a short, some eighteen months, residency in Hong Kong, living in Mui Wo on Lantau Island, or Old Lantao, … Continue reading

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Can’t See the Wood for the Hockneys

Last weekend I went with B. to see the David Hockney show, ‘A Bigger Picture’, at the Royal Academy. It was everything it was billed to be except it was busier and brighter. Busier (with people) meant ludicrous in parts, … Continue reading

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What Are You Having For Tea?

Last week I met up for beers with some friends from the brewery I used to work for – a get-together to mark a former team-mate’s leaving the business. Well, my excellent good friends MP and DP were there, doing … Continue reading

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