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Prayer for an Office

Largely in the afterglare, not least of all tense-wise, of Penguin Classics’ Autobiography, by Morrissey. Last Friday I visit an office. Proper big one of a proper big organisation, and a proper big deal for me in that it has … Continue reading

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Tidy Friday

Last Friday afternoon I took time out to tidy the room in our houuse where I work. Office, study, workspace – there’s no set name for it in its current daily and all-day use, but Monkey Room, Little Bedroom, Baby … Continue reading

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Back of the Notebook

Amongst ex-colleagues it was well-known I was a right one for my notebooks, and close team-members knew my notebooks had ‘back sections’. I had reason yesterday to have a snuffle about in one of these – the largely cathartic space … Continue reading

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In a story I’m writing, a man, in the meeting room of a business organisation, alone by reason of there being no meeting and, frankly, by his having no business being there, finds himself musing upon – in monologue or … Continue reading

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What Are You Having For Tea?

Last week I met up for beers with some friends from the brewery I used to work for – a get-together to mark a former team-mate’s leaving the business. Well, my excellent good friends MP and DP were there, doing … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Stand-Up, Part Two – Discomfort Breaks

So, speaking of work, you know – it’s just nice to be around so many people again. You see, recently I left my job in an office and I started, y’know, ‘working from home’. And it’s strange – the things … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Stand-Up, Part One

This is the draft of a stand-up piece. I moved all the introduction notes and stuff to the end, so the post is kind of, but deliberately, back to front. You know, actually, I’ve got this really bad neck – … Continue reading

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