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usually in autumn

Days – usually in autumn, when the sun appears and disappears. And reappears between defective clouds, window-level, lighthousing to the shrill click-track of that reversing thing behind the trees – like these are my absolute worst; reminding me of when I was a … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday: Ice

So this picture started life as a story of upstairs and down… “we don’t really know the neighbour downstairs (is dead)”. But overnight it became about a more obvious – and British, perhaps – detachment.

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The Swan, the Shoes

The man who comes to do our trees and hedges, neatly, roughly once a year, is telling me about one of his daughters. Coming up to 48, she’d never been abroad. And so for that birthday (this was just last … Continue reading

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In Hong Kong is Celadon

National Poetry Day, it is. I thought I’d give air, finally, to a thing I wrote a quarter of a century ago (me, now tamping tobacco into my pipe). March 1991 to be precise. Enough that the piece has stayed with … Continue reading

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Things to See in Paris

Two bicycles, Two buildings with their skies. One crack in the wall under Serge Gainsbourg, One little blue-green car and One setting sun across the runway when it’s time to go. Check.  

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