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About Henry Day

Henry has an anchor on his left forearm; a blue mark (a man’s head?); and the letters, H.D. I’m full of cold, head-cold, with that accompanying slight delirium that feels like junior school. At the start of Wednesday I know about … Continue reading

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Kacky the Kittin, 3

Here’s Kacky the Kittin again. In living colour. With digital sound.     more previous Kacky the Kittin is also here and then also absolutely here

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Two Voices: That’s When I Knew #2

Voice 1: In the Light I remember it was a Saturday afternoon. We’d been going out for about a month. We were at his house. The TV was on – some home makeover programme which we were only really half-watching – … Continue reading

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One Voice: Nearly Falling in Love

A new Two Voices piece here about falling in love, or almost. The first woman’s story (about watching a jacket fall off a chair in a café), didn’t really play out as I thought it would, but I wanted to … Continue reading

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