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Badly Reacting to Sandals

My ankle hurts. Both do really, but by far and away it’s the left one hurts most. That’s left as I look down – the one nearest the window. It hurts when I get up in the morning and place … Continue reading

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The Sacrificial Nose Hair of Romantic Destiny

Unwanted hair has been on my mind a lot of late. Thinking on it this morning as I left the house, I was reminded of an experience – and important lesson – that befell me as a younger man. I’d … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Stand-Up, Part Two – Discomfort Breaks

So, speaking of work, you know – it’s just nice to be around so many people again. You see, recently I left my job in an office and I started, y’know, ‘working from home’. And it’s strange – the things … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Stand-Up, Part One

This is the draft of a stand-up piece. I moved all the introduction notes and stuff to the end, so the post is kind of, but deliberately, back to front. You know, actually, I’ve got this really bad neck – … Continue reading

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