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Little Pieces, More

I turned back to the old prints again and jollied by the first re-encounter, I disassembled and untangled the lines and scratchings and symbols at ease. Untangled, that is, with clicks and drags mainly, but perhaps also through a connection to the … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 6

I’ve got a blue motel room, with a blue bedspread, I’ve got the blues inside, and outside my head, and the sixth guitar, little rover, is very blue. The blue of the blue suede boots I bought when I was … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 1

It was exactly like a chapter from Accordion Crimes – if you squinted your imagination and overlooked the fact that the instrument travelled for thousands of miles and (spoiler alert) never made it back home; but in defence of the … Continue reading

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Badly Reacting to Sandals

My ankle hurts. Both do really, but by far and away it’s the left one hurts most. That’s left as I look down – the one nearest the window. It hurts when I get up in the morning and place … Continue reading

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The League of Broken Lego

A photo parade of some LEGO pieces in my possession, whose various misfortunes and bad hurting have singled them out as special and –  yes, you’re right – magical. A band of unlikely superheroes, you say? Well, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Move Over, Viv Nicholson

And so the solitary raid begins, the cashing in of Christmas vouchers, gift cards. Present Time with no photos for the future to look back on. The casual practice of recent years has been to hoard the generosity, play possum … Continue reading

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