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First Painting

… of the holidays, yesterday. I picked up and unwrapped the little cheap set of watercolours I bought in North Wales before coming to France – and I set up at the balcony table. It’s a bright sketch, and there’s … Continue reading

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Posts from the Var Side, 24th August – Fireworks

Our little town is busy, we’ve come earlier in the late summer than we usually do, and there are the markets at night, the roads closed and the restaurants full. Last night we found out there were going to be … Continue reading

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The Same New Views

We’re away, at last, on our long break. Back to the same new adored views of le Sud. This year, like some others, I’m taking my paints and some tiny wee boards. Here’s a view from the back kitchen window when … Continue reading

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Wednesday Friendly Visitor

It’s become the pattern that a cat comes by early on Wednesdays. At other times too, but as if she’s attuned to this being the day of the week when my mind is elsewhere, from the job of work. I … Continue reading

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Father Bunting – a Cut-Out Poem

This Cut-Out thing is the first half-decent use of an abandoned story draft, and a first, therefore, in the words being cut out of my own. This un-hip priest is a cut-out too: out of the priests that lurked in our upbringing; the … Continue reading

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