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Inky Conditions #1 – The Cat That Thought About It

Introducing (hereabouts at least), my new collation of all things narratively, naturally, inky. Inky Conditions. That’s Inky (let the records show) Conditions. In this first epic tale, a cat thinks about It. I like how this happened in frame 3.

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My October Symphony, Part 6 – Fishing with Dad

Dad, with some coaxing, sits down next to me on the bench outside his room. Shoulder to shoulder, the both of us facing the fence, beyond which the motorway sounds like the ocean. The cubes of beige cake on the … Continue reading

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Le Chat, Oh!

Dramatically depicted wholly for your understanding, I wanted to relate about how there was a cat. And for the specific en-capturement of mice, this cat did stay very still and all up in the manner of a house. A chat-eau, … Continue reading

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Post from the Var Side, 2017 – Islands

It’s definitely brightening up, I say. And then the real rain sets in. The new balcony view reminds (without sun), of a view from old Lantao – or the ferry bound for there, at least – with le Brusc and … Continue reading

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