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A Disparate List

1.    When people tag pictures with #nofilter, increasingly my first reaction is, ‘oh, that’s a shame – a carefully chosen filter would’ve made your okay photograph really pretty great.’ It comes across as judgey, and so I judge right … Continue reading

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A Short Rhyme for Missed Rain

The egg cartons, milk bottles, were dry. And they were delivered at five. So the rain must have happened Sometime before then. When we were asleep. But alive.

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Illustration Friday: Orange

So, last Friday’s topic popped up as ‘Orange’. Here’s my submission. This one’s made me happy from the start, with its folksy old flatness and fruit. First up – the full square of it, with the painting in the background. … Continue reading

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We’ll See the Year Out…

I grabbed a line that struck me. From the Swedish TV series, Ångelby. (That’s Angelby with an accented ‘A’, in case WordPress no-likes the symbol.) A lovely story told in characteristically dream-like photography, and starring, as did the beautiful Thicker … Continue reading

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North Song

Churches the colour of rye bread Those very verdigrised roofs Take me to a sea With its quiet hyphens of cargo To live with my back to the world

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Blur: This Very Wet, Rainy Town

An ice cream cone is held aloft; a torch still carried for Hong Kong. Skipping the street grid of the television’s guide, I chance upon New World Towers; a last year’s film about the band, Blur, and the making of The … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 5. Brolly

So, I reckons probably this is the last of the Chicago Notes series. I was thinking, there, about the getting lost and all, and things not always turning out quite how I had them imagined beforehand. And I thought, why not … Continue reading

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