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Thirty Years On, Translations – a Picture Post

Troubling the eaves again on my hands and knees, I’m after something specific in a very old folder. This turns into a week of revisiting portfolios and that becomes more reworkings of pictures of mine I’ve always had happy feelings for … Continue reading

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Starting the Sauerkraut

The first thing you should understand about cabbage in its finely-chopped state, is that it wants to be on the kitchen floor. It has, in common with Tupperware stored in a cupboard, a peculiarly horizontal relationship with gravity. Being aware … Continue reading

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The Cat’s Tattoo

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Home Alone Notes, Part 1 – The Correct Use of Soap

In order to live alone successfully, it is probably necessary to have an audience, or else be so steeped in self-esteem that one’s every action is perceived as ceremonious. The closed-book-recalled line is from a novel by the recently, sadly … Continue reading

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If I Paint Myself into a Corner

… which was the way I chose to go for the final poem for the Writer’s Digest April PAD  gig this year. A Dead-End theme, see. Actually what I’ve done here is wiggle the words a little from those on … Continue reading

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