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Little Cut-out Poems Under Glass

Browsing folksy websites (sounds like a Cocteau Twins song), I was moved to commit this week’s Creatively Different Wednesday to the business of pendant making. Like babies and ASMR devotees, I am dribbling-lulled by ‘how to’ videos on You Tube; thence … Continue reading

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Opening the Sky

Late summer, the family of hedge cutters arrive. A little ritual of forgetting, and then ‘same price as last year’ is agreed. His handshake (the father) turns into the twisted palm clasp; pulls in for a shoulder bump, though our … Continue reading

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Superman is my Kryptonite

My work has me handling superheroes: specifically working them into a design for a favourite client. I did good on developing the theme, despite my aversion to them – them being superheroes. The condition is deep-seated and reasonable. It stems … Continue reading

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