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Breaking Bread

On Friday Pete came up, and brought with him bread he had baked; a kindness and wholesome deliciousness I responded to with a choice of Benecol or Flora Light. We’d had butter in the week before, but the chipper smile … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 6

I’ve got a blue motel room, with a blue bedspread, I’ve got the blues inside, and outside my head, and the sixth guitar, little rover, is very blue. The blue of the blue suede boots I bought when I was … Continue reading

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The Florist

A tragedy occurs in a town; subject of grief, mourning and national focus. Locals and visitors flock to the florist’s in the high street for their floral tributes to lay at the scene. The florist, mild, helped by a daughter, … Continue reading

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Back of the Notebook

Amongst ex-colleagues it was well-known I was a right one for my notebooks, and close team-members knew my notebooks had ‘back sections’. I had reason yesterday to have a snuffle about in one of these – the largely cathartic space … Continue reading

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Interview with a Collared Dove (2010)

Every day, around 1:15pm, a lady comes to feed seed to the pigeons on the jetty off S__________’s main promenade, close by the Hotel de __________. Some pigeons, a majority, flock right in and peck about with undistracted purpose. But … Continue reading

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