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The Fish Knives Box

We used to laugh about the affectation – the Beano-like, Victoria-Wood-ish joke of a family in possession of such finely-packaged airs and graces. Fish knives and fish forks. As if we’d ever sail further out than brought-in battered haddock or … Continue reading

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A thing that keeps coming to mind – probably as often as I’m minded to look at a cat in a certain way: I read an online Q&A piece on some general cat problems (I could look this up again, but … Continue reading

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Starting the Sauerkraut

The first thing you should understand about cabbage in its finely-chopped state, is that it wants to be on the kitchen floor. It has, in common with Tupperware stored in a cupboard, a peculiarly horizontal relationship with gravity. Being aware … Continue reading

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Really, Victoria Wood

I’ve remarked on many occasions – including to strangers at bus stops – how I can’t be doing with Science Fiction. Or any Fantasy genre, come to that. I either get too distracted by the unmentioned – the toilets, where … Continue reading

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IKEA, Dancing and the Meditating Fox

Took the tree down this afternoon and put up the picture of the meditating fox in his new fancy frame. Listening to some Todd Barry podcasts; one of the latest, I was pleased to find out, him talking with Neko … Continue reading

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Louis C.K. Part 1, 2011

In 2011, HBO aired a one-off special, Talking Funny, featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Louis C.K, in an unhosted 50 minutes of chat about their experiences of the business, the science and the art of stand-up comedy. … Continue reading

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My October Symphony, Part 5 – This Time

Painting the new weatherboard on our old front door. Printing off the revised draft (4) of the comedy script I’ve been working on (proper, this time) this year. Packing – or at least a start. It’s been four years since we … Continue reading

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