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Creating Inconvenience (a resumé in progress)

The tabs on the website at build stage read: Artworks, Stories, Designs… My colleague, collaborator, Pete Lippitt*, talks of the 21st Century Creative. He’s on a crusade, and with M.J., of course, to promote the polymath path; the creative-mind-on-its-game-in-a-number-of-games as The Truth … Continue reading

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The Paperboy

Early morning walk. A paperboy on a bike was, unintentionally, of course, kind of keeping pace with me. I wanted to ask him what the going rate was nowadays, but didn’t think that would make for an appropriate exchange, which … Continue reading

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The Brand Unsocial

This week I’ve had a fascinating and frustrating encounter with a branded business, one outcome of which is the unpleasant realisation that my relationship with a brand I’ve loved and want to keep loving has suddenly turned to crap. And that … Continue reading

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