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Five Found More

I happily came upon further found poems from my mouth-breathing afternoon days in the eighties – among them my favourite, rendez-vous, with all of its dizzy directions. Up first, mind, much to be said about garden clothes-lines.    

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Found Poems Found

Truffling, came across a sheaf of cut-out poems I made whilst at college in the mid-18th Century. These are part of a larger work, largely a love story, and whilst I pore over that much for longer, I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Sleepy Tea

When I cannot sleep; when I have, a little, slept, but wake, and wake soon in, like an advert break arriving just merely after the opening creds – when I cannot sleep I get up and I make myself a … Continue reading

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Cassette Covers

I ditched the cassettes themselves years ago (poor middle child, then, between vinyl and CDs), but I hung on to the covers; liking how they made for a handful, an interesting stack of cards. At the end of last week, at … Continue reading

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