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Le Chat, Oh!

Dramatically depicted wholly for your understanding, I wanted to relate about how there was a cat. And for the specific en-capturement of mice, this cat did stay very still and all up in the manner of a house. A chat-eau, … Continue reading

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Bibby the Cat Has Moved

Bibby the cat has moved house. It’s a defining feature of living where we live, in this hashtag of quiet little roads, in the middle of a jingling of rentals. Cats become a signifier of homeliness; in turn a feeling … Continue reading

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Interview with a Collared Dove (2010)

Every day, around 1:15pm, a lady comes to feed seed to the pigeons on the jetty off S__________’s main promenade, close by the Hotel de __________. Some pigeons, a majority, flock right in and peck about with undistracted purpose. But … Continue reading

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Coming back from the gym this morning at eight – where, by the way, I had disgraced myself once more; this time by letting out one of those private laugh-barks just at the moment BBC Breakfast dished up a tragic … Continue reading

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Badly Reacting to Sandals

My ankle hurts. Both do really, but by far and away it’s the left one hurts most. That’s left as I look down – the one nearest the window. It hurts when I get up in the morning and place … Continue reading

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Tree in the Subject Line

Big day for other reasons too. The Tree, The Tree, is getting what’s been coming to it, for, like, an age. Unmanaged and oftimes dangerous, The Tree – which, according to my research, is a Crap Tree – has been … Continue reading

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Brer Sleep

My father routinely lies awake at night and this I do too. As a child, sleepless with worry about a different or unclear tomorrow, Dad from the doorway tells me two techniques. One, to think about every holiday we’ve had, … Continue reading

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