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In a middle weekend of last month’s poem-a-day jobbie, came a challenge that at first made me mad. Enough to want to bail, really. A craziness of composing with the use of just two vowels. At breakfast I asked B., … Continue reading

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Self-ish About The Fall

You probably think this song is about you. Sadly but also funnily about The Fall is that I’ve often felt, and still do, that he’s singing about idiot-joy people like me – the traits of me. The will-be member of the … Continue reading

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How to Put Up a Shed

Begin with level ground. I prepared this area (picture below) almost two years ago, using paving slabs rescued from a skip, retrieved with the help of a kind neighbour. It was just before the Diamond Jubilee. I remember I was … Continue reading

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Checking in at Church on Christmas Day

Bless me Father, for I have sin… cerely not been inside this old church in twenty years, perhaps. The big brick parish barn across from the Arndale Centre; Christmas Day, a funny one this year, apart from my B., and … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 6

I’ve got a blue motel room, with a blue bedspread, I’ve got the blues inside, and outside my head, and the sixth guitar, little rover, is very blue. The blue of the blue suede boots I bought when I was … Continue reading

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Coming back from the gym this morning at eight – where, by the way, I had disgraced myself once more; this time by letting out one of those private laugh-barks just at the moment BBC Breakfast dished up a tragic … Continue reading

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