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With the Birds

I was sitting in a little park – a shared garden area – just off Baker Street. It was a Saturday morning and I was waiting for my slot at the barbershop just around the corner. I was early. I … Continue reading

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Green April Rain Again

Her first words this morning were, I can’t hear the birds. It’s raining. The sparrow commune in the eaves is waiting it out. Their day ahead is just sex in the wisteria, anyway – what’s to crow about? At the … Continue reading

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Kacky the Kittin, 2

Well, look, here’s the second little strip concerning Kacky the Kittin. I had this idea about two (bad) birds being in on the action, and so here they are, hurling turmoil meanly upon Kacky’s mother. I decided to merge this … Continue reading

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Bohemian Nina – a Cut-Out Poem

… well actually a Cut-Out times two. This one has been skulking about for a while – as much as such mellowness can skulk, of course. It was missing a something, which came with a slight little slicing and a title … Continue reading

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All Afternoon, Not Elsewhere – a Cut-Out Poem

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Interview with a Collared Dove (2010)

Every day, around 1:15pm, a lady comes to feed seed to the pigeons on the jetty off S__________’s main promenade, close by the Hotel de __________. Some pigeons, a majority, flock right in and peck about with undistracted purpose. But … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning – Anomalies

No flights. Is this down to East Midlands airport being closed with the snow, or do covert airborne forces also fall to their not being able to get off their drives? Or is it a Sunday thing? Call: response; a … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning – Opposites

Late sleeping, I opened the pages of the notebook to make my reminders, and stared at the numbers at the top of a new spread and otherwise empty double pages the colour and size of bread. 132.850 134.425 For a … Continue reading

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Bird Marketing 2

The Posters. The client is unhappy with the current campaign. Whilst in its first week it produced repeat enquiries from two long-tailed tit communes looking to switch providers, and secured a rest-of-life package with some kind of thrush; early research … Continue reading

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Bird Marketing 1

The Brochure Our garden has it all. A truly unrivalled range of nourishment options, designed to help balance busy bird schedules with convenient, reliable and engaging nutrition experiences – from the simple ‘grab-and-go’ of the crumbled-up crust, to the interactive … Continue reading

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