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How Did I Get Here?

Exhibition, of a sort, coming up. I was thinking how the last time I showed work – like a show with its own poster and a degree of outlay – was, uh, way back in 1990. Imagine that. You weren’t … Continue reading

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Post from the Var Side, 2017 – Islands

It’s definitely brightening up, I say. And then the real rain sets in. The new balcony view reminds (without sun), of a view from old Lantao – or the ferry bound for there, at least – with le Brusc and … Continue reading

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Green April Rain Again

Her first words this morning were, I can’t hear the birds. It’s raining. The sparrow commune in the eaves is waiting it out. Their day ahead is just sex in the wisteria, anyway – what’s to crow about? At the … Continue reading

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Kylie Monologue

1. I was watching from my student bed, the episode when she made her Neighbours entrance (when it was on in the mornings too), as Charlene Mitchell coming through the window. Years, years, later I worked with a creative type (think Perfect Curve … Continue reading

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Tom Waits Times

March 21st. Tom Waits Day, as it happens to be for me – my ever mis-sung lyric, now it’s raining* in a miserable March twenny-first – when a young man’s fancy turns to Hong Kong drizzle (on Cuban heels); to … Continue reading

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Green April Rain, 2

Because as much as anything it was raining early morning. Standing at the door, watching the sparrow family at the birdhouse; a small yellow windmill rattles and blurs on a neighbour’s terrace. A raindrop from a leaf hits the tin … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 4

Shop, in Hong Kong, somewhere (a rare memoir of unknown) – sold musical instruments and jet skis; machines, moulded white curves nosing at the windows, echoed those of outlandish pianos. Took up the pale-tanned Washburn on a bench and cradled … Continue reading

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