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The Anniversary Benches, 2

A Creatively Different Wednesday takes me to the little woodshop, and more preparation of exhibition hardware. I’m becoming just as obsessed with making the stands and displays as I am about finalising prints, framing pieces and even producing more work. … Continue reading

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Shredding cabbages on Monday. This is not the start of a Craig David follow-up, but is the starting of this year’s sauerkraut. To regular readers of this blog (doing a wave!) it’ll be known that I started with the fermenty … Continue reading

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Putting Christmas back up the loft, into argumentative boxes. In the ensuing mental clarity (the rush of the roof’s air) a realisation that if people don’t know me then they cannot know me. Thus goes the gift with which I … Continue reading

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Drawing it Together

As a very young child I used to believe, took it as read, that fathers – all fathers – made all the furniture in their family’s home. Informed, no doubt, by Enid Blyton or The Beano or the likes of … Continue reading

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Blur: This Very Wet, Rainy Town

An ice cream cone is held aloft; a torch still carried for Hong Kong. Skipping the street grid of the television’s guide, I chance upon New World Towers; a last year’s film about the band, Blur, and the making of The … Continue reading

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Mad at Me

Updating my website this week – an activity which generally throws up two questions for me: 1) What is the website doing, really?, and 2) Is this the best I can do? The first I can answer reasonably well enough, … Continue reading

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Pie Season: Extra Helpings

Family gathering up North, and I put my hand up to do mains. Four pies on their way real soon; and here’s just a little sneak preview of the cargo. For the record, there was such great pleasure in co-ordinating the … Continue reading

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Mirror Portrait

For today’s Creatively Different Wednesday (go with me, it’s actually a thing), I decided to set up the old Cintiq drawing board and, very nicely inspired by recent listenings to the Chris Oatley ArtCast podcast which I’d happily stumbled upon on … Continue reading

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Little Cut-out Poems Under Glass

Browsing folksy websites (sounds like a Cocteau Twins song), I was moved to commit this week’s Creatively Different Wednesday to the business of pendant making. Like babies and ASMR devotees, I am dribbling-lulled by ‘how to’ videos on You Tube; thence … Continue reading

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Thinkus Bigus

Today was mainly a fed-up day. I know I’ve got a cold coming on (B. had it last week and we done a canoodle and now it’s mine), and I’m still not entirely certain that one of my toes isn’t … Continue reading

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