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The Bike-iest Bike in the World

Another lovely look-see thing about our times in France is the beautiful bicycle spotting. Here and thereabouts they appear around the town; perfect specimens, essences of cycle – lazily waiting by the bakery, dozing at the afternoon pétanque, or part-abandoned … Continue reading

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My October Symphony, Part 4 – The Landscape of Luggage

While April’s always up there, there’s no month to touch October for luggagious (new word, of or relating to luggage) conditions. And while we aint gone Stateside this, forgive me, fall, we’ve made up for that logistically by the case-load … Continue reading

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His Nibs

A lovely but overbearing boss once informed me quite gravely that the most important and powerful tool that every salesman should have was a pen. It was the kind of intensely pop-eyed, finger-jabbing and well-meant statement that rather than laugh … Continue reading

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