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Clouds and Colours

Colour – a catch-up of recency. The mountains of North Wales inspiring new works from Inky Conditions. The client branding coming to bright fruition. Unchecked blooms in rusted pots and planters made from gathered wood. Being out in the world … Continue reading

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Back of the Notebook

Amongst ex-colleagues it was well-known I was a right one for my notebooks, and close team-members knew my notebooks had ‘back sections’. I had reason yesterday to have a snuffle about in one of these – the largely cathartic space … Continue reading

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Time on my Hands

Note: If you’re really pressed for time, this post can be summarised as: ‘oh, sod off and sort your own time out.’ I saw something on Facebook this morning, on a page that someone lovingly maintains, that I liked, Liked, … Continue reading

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The Smell of Other People’s Houses

When I was a young innovator of incomparable flair, humility and panache, I had the notion for a scented plug-in doohickey that filled the home with aromas of sumptuous cooking. Be assured this was ages before anyone else came up … Continue reading

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Poor Relations, Pedigree Chums – Family Lines on Ancestral Inner Circles and Disinherited Futures

This is the first of an intended series of three pieces on genealogy; scratchings about my own experiences of, and relationships with, relations and events I uncover. It’s not a family history – that would be mean – but a … Continue reading

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