High Visibility (of your Love)

This morning I came across a Country and Western number I wrote in January 2013 under the deliciously boot-scootin’ moniker of Situation Steve. It’s the (confusingly uptempo) story of a man who… well – see for yourself. I’ve provided the basic chord foundation in the picture below. Let me know if you’re interested in recording this. I’m pretty sure that’s how the music industry works. English readers note, the ‘Z’s in line 5 is pronounced ‘zeez’.

High Visibility
A Country Song, by Situation Steve

Four in the morning, and I should be in bed
But I’m pulling on my hi-viz vest
Cos I’m working instead
While you’re clocking on to your dreams
And signin’ up for more Z’s
I’m down the road to shift that load in the dark.

In the dark is where I leave my true love lyin’
While I try to make a dent in the debts
But no matter what I earn
It’s still dark when I return
She only sees me in my hi-viz vest.


High visibility of your love is what I need
For when life is comin’ atcha
At such ferocious speed
Well it pays to be seen
If you know what I mean
I need some high-visibility of your love.

Now a man is born to work and toil, it’s true
And I know these workman’s clothes will see us through
But the light that I require
Will not be found in this attire
Until the hi-viz of your love comes into view.



Gonna be darkness enough
When we’re gone from this world
Gonna be dangerous places I’m sure
Lord relieve of this vest
Lemme lay my head upon her breast
Her sweet breast
It’s the view that I love best.


Chorus 2

High visibility of your love is what I need
For when life is comin’ atcha
At such ferocious speed
You might be paying me a packet
But I’m dyin’ in this jacket…..
The only high-visibility that I want to see
Is the love that you give to me.
Yes, when you shine your love on me.

Words and Music by Situation Steve
© Situation Steve, Night Beaker Music 2013



About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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