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Rhubarb for the People

I was planning a post about re-joining our local library – and what I found in there – but I’m gonna knock that over into the next one. Because mainly here’s a thing I made called Rhubarb for the People. … Continue reading

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The Swan, the Shoes

The man who comes to do our trees and hedges, neatly, roughly once a year, is telling me about one of his daughters. Coming up to 48, she’d never been abroad. And so for that birthday (this was just last … Continue reading

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In Hong Kong is Celadon

National Poetry Day, it is. I thought I’d give air, finally, to a thing I wrote a quarter of a century ago (me, now tamping tobacco into my pipe). March 1991 to be precise. Enough that the piece has stayed with … Continue reading

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Lines about Carl Larsson

There’s a nice naughtiness in drawing a line between the Swedish artist Carl Larsson and the Sunday Express cartoonist ‘Giles’. (An additional niceness to find his first name, too, was Carl.) I grew up with those newspaper cartoons and the paperback annuals … Continue reading

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High Visibility (of your Love)

This morning I came across a Country and Western number I wrote in January 2013 under the deliciously boot-scootin’ moniker of Situation Steve. It’s the (confusingly uptempo) story of a man who… well – see for yourself. I’ve provided the … Continue reading

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The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Song

Note: I don’t quite know how the tune goes, but I’m thinking it might work with a Joni-Mitchell-esque kind of flutey-pipey vocal. The last two lines I suspect are a chorus of sorts, with which we can all join in, lustily. … Continue reading

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Unknown Illustrations

In the days leading up to and back down from Christmas (Christmas is a hill), I set time aside (one hour each day) from work-drawing to produce a set of ten… what? Cartoons without captions; little vignettes; absurdist situations; nano-fiction … Continue reading

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