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Posts from the Var Side, 2016 – 4. Soaked Through but Happy

Midweek it’s raining and I’m all about thinking ‘cool days in hot countries’, and of course the cool of rain. The market in the morning, where the smells are very different in the wet air; less of fruit and more … Continue reading

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Self-ish About The Fall

You probably think this song is about you. Sadly but also funnily about The Fall is that I’ve often felt, and still do, that he’s singing about idiot-joy people like me – the traits of me. The will-be member of the … Continue reading

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Casuistry, The Classical and Recall

Begins email: And that’s when it comes to me. Casuistry. The word I cannot remember until I move towards some kind of dialogue with the person (Adam, madam) who introduced me to it. I enjoy the mental scratching, the slipping … Continue reading

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Wednesday Friendly Visitor

It’s become the pattern that a cat comes by early on Wednesdays. At other times too, but as if she’s attuned to this being the day of the week when my mind is elsewhere, from the job of work. I … Continue reading

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Cassette Covers

I ditched the cassettes themselves years ago (poor middle child, then, between vinyl and CDs), but I hung on to the covers; liking how they made for a handful, an interesting stack of cards. At the end of last week, at … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning – Opposites

Late sleeping, I opened the pages of the notebook to make my reminders, and stared at the numbers at the top of a new spread and otherwise empty double pages the colour and size of bread. 132.850 134.425 For a … Continue reading

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Billy to Camera

Momentousnessness. Groundbreakingness. Wowzersness. Just a few of the words being used to describe, by me, quite possibly the greatest moment of Olympicness, er, ever. I refer, gentle reader in your vest, to last night’s East Enders; the second of the … Continue reading

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