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Two Trickster Tales

In my teens I have a particular thought about not leaving the house. The thought comes in the context of my having to go somewhere every day: a kind of scab-picking, therefore; pleasurable, unsavoury and safe-ish. In summary, paper-round, mornings, … Continue reading

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Depeche Mode – A Question of Time

Depeche Mode. So I’m all over the updates, giddy, like I get, on my serotonin binges, with the matter of having gone to see them, in concert, in Leeds, last night, no less, with a friend. The friend is quiet, … Continue reading

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The Paperboy

Early morning walk. A paperboy on a bike was, unintentionally, of course, kind of keeping pace with me. I wanted to ask him what the going rate was nowadays, but didn’t think that would make for an appropriate exchange, which … Continue reading

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