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Merely to Me

Merely at the end of July and there’s a clear whiff of Autumn moving in; here and thereabouts, in corners of the garden. It’s in the trees. It’s coming. The year as a mix-tape; the seasons on shuffle. Rain is … Continue reading

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In Wisteria

In wisteria The air is trying to breathe Morning is tangled. I wanted to capture in some way the knowingness of wisteria. Hints in its name. Wistful hysteria. A social climber climbing when your back is turned. How in bloom it can’t … Continue reading

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Fox and Coffee

Third linocut. Worked at this one at some pace, drawing directly onto the lino, which suited me better, I think. Took a few goes to get the inking right, and even then, it’s not quite done the job for the … Continue reading

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Green Revisited Pictures of Lantau

New photographs of old photographs. Hong Kong Scenes like the Extra-Room Dream. Old Lantau Island’s Chung Hau Village replayed – and a raining morning under a tin roof, way back in Tsoi Yuen Tsuen. Safely stored since the beginning and … Continue reading

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roses, rain

raining from the trees on the stone steps, sulkily roses, lopsided  

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Posts from the Var Side – Monday 6th July

Two interesting happenings at our regular café this morning. Firstly was that the man we called Elvis (see yesterday’s post) arrived while we were in there. He was wearing a bright summery shirt and jazzy printed shorts. Elvis in Blue … Continue reading

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Garden after the Rain

It rained on Saturday. We stayed put under makeshift canopies until the rain made channels enough to get through. Later, right after it stopped, I went back out into the garden at my in-laws and took photographs. I love their garden anyhow, … Continue reading

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