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Pie Season – Your Questions Answered

You know, a lot of people ask me – I mean, enough that I would remark on it – well, they ask… What are the start and end dates for Pie Season 2017/18? Thank you. This season began on Sunday … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 1. Lost

Everybody’s lost – I’m not pretending I’m not…* Lostness: as the physical manifestation of a state of feeling lost. Just like dropping things in the kitchen, bumping into stuff – B. says this is when I’m not truly grounded, centred. … Continue reading

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Really, Victoria Wood

I’ve remarked on many occasions – including to strangers at bus stops – how I can’t be doing with Science Fiction. Or any Fantasy genre, come to that. I either get too distracted by the unmentioned – the toilets, where … Continue reading

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IKEA, Dancing and the Meditating Fox

Took the tree down this afternoon and put up the picture of the meditating fox in his new fancy frame. Listening to some Todd Barry podcasts; one of the latest, I was pleased to find out, him talking with Neko … Continue reading

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Dublin, Somewhere, at Dusk

Ten past four (in your afternoon), and I’m walking Pearse Street in the direction of Wales, or Zagreb, come to that. First Guinness sunk, but mind, only the one. Working most of the day in the hotel room on Draft 5 of The … Continue reading

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Poppy Seeds on My Soul

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Posts from the Var Side – Leeds Legs

Weekend before last in the little town here, I saw a lovely pair of jeans. Coppery, brown, all the shades of bread; well-riveted and with luxurious price tag, even in the ‘Soldes’. Yesterday I set out to buy them; the … Continue reading

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