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In Building Little Houses, I am Searching

In building little houses I am searching for the connections; the reasons. The why? and what they represent. This passage is a start, but I don’t think it’s the all. “And since, in all research concerning the imagination, we must … Continue reading

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usually in autumn

Days – usually in autumn, when the sun appears and disappears. And reappears between defective clouds, window-level, lighthousing to the shrill click-track of that reversing thing behind the trees – like these are my absolute worst; reminding me of when I was a … Continue reading

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Casuistry, The Classical and Recall

Begins email: And that’s when it comes to me. Casuistry. The word I cannot remember until I move towards some kind of dialogue with the person (Adam, madam) who introduced me to it. I enjoy the mental scratching, the slipping … Continue reading

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I Know the End by its Very Presence – a Cut-Out Poem

For a cut-out, this one’s been a long time in the landing (or the walking away from, at least). Its opening line deserves better of what comes after it, I think; but in its favour, as one of the regularly set-within-brooding-and-brocaded-rooms … Continue reading

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Mythology of the English – a Cut-Out Poem

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