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Clouds and Colours

Colour – a catch-up of recency. The mountains of North Wales inspiring new works from Inky Conditions. The client branding coming to bright fruition. Unchecked blooms in rusted pots and planters made from gathered wood. Being out in the world … Continue reading

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The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Song

Note: I don’t quite know how the tune goes, but I’m thinking it might work with a Joni-Mitchell-esque kind of flutey-pipey vocal. The last two lines I suspect are a chorus of sorts, with which we can all join in, lustily. … Continue reading

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Posts from the Var Side, 17th October

THURSDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2013 – Oh! Mr Songwriter The old guitar, remember, is staying with us here in the apartment. I’ve grown used to its truculent tuning – honestly, you should see some of the knots I made – the … Continue reading

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Guitar Man, Part 6

I’ve got a blue motel room, with a blue bedspread, I’ve got the blues inside, and outside my head, and the sixth guitar, little rover, is very blue. The blue of the blue suede boots I bought when I was … Continue reading

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A Child’s American Cartography

I was a whole heap grown up by the first time I visited the U.S. I was forty, in fact. It wasn’t that I hadn’t travelled a fair bit by then, for I had, and had lived in other countries … Continue reading

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