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Yellow Morning

As quietly I spoon the coffee into the little basket, I hear the rain. On the big green parasol. All the leaves are friendly. It’s a yellow morning. Sometimes the cat wants to come inside, decisively, in rain like this. … Continue reading

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Fine Rain

Another 5am start. B. to NYC. Fine rain (fine, rain) sets in I light a candle, tobacco-scented, blow it out The wisteria in bloom looks like a round of applause Pick a year and invite the Then Me, ask me … Continue reading

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Come up ten years, is, at this house and last night at just after midnight I saw the first fox I ever saw in the street there. Young one. All lithe and limber, springy. Black socks, high ears. Up over … Continue reading

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Green April Rain Again

Her first words this morning were, I can’t hear the birds. It’s raining. The sparrow commune in the eaves is waiting it out. Their day ahead is just sex in the wisteria, anyway – what’s to crow about? At the … Continue reading

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Opening the Sky

Late summer, the family of hedge cutters arrive. A little ritual of forgetting, and then ‘same price as last year’ is agreed. His handshake (the father) turns into the twisted palm clasp; pulls in for a shoulder bump, though our … Continue reading

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Two Trickster Tales

In my teens I have a particular thought about not leaving the house. The thought comes in the context of my having to go somewhere every day: a kind of scab-picking, therefore; pleasurable, unsavoury and safe-ish. In summary, paper-round, mornings, … Continue reading

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Bird Marketing 1

The Brochure Our garden has it all. A truly unrivalled range of nourishment options, designed to help balance busy bird schedules with convenient, reliable and engaging nutrition experiences – from the simple ‘grab-and-go’ of the crumbled-up crust, to the interactive … Continue reading

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