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It is Both

It is Benches. It is Wizzers. Why is It? It is Both.  

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Eat One Of It

We know – trust me, we do – that there’s just been the one mouse living in the big gap in the slabs at the top of the garden steps. I mean, these last few months. And Steps, by the … Continue reading

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Bicycles in Munich

Munich, Bavaria. The weekend isn’t up to so much. I have, erm, issues with the beer there which I don’t know how to express. I mean, how best to. The bicycles around the city catch my eye. It’s really great … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Pie Season

(To the tune and the moves of Night Fever) “Pie Season, Pie Sea-sohhhnn…” A nod to the progress of this year’s (2016/17) season. Top row: Poster for our Inaugural Bake, and two shortlisted potential brand identities and designs for the whole … Continue reading

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Superman is my Kryptonite

My work has me handling superheroes: specifically working them into a design for a favourite client. I did good on developing the theme, despite my aversion to them – them being superheroes. The condition is deep-seated and reasonable. It stems … Continue reading

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Illustration Friday – Retro

Well hey I know it’s not Friday, but this is Illustration Friday – my first foray into the world of ‘nominated subject and submit’. Here’s my piece to the subject ‘Retro’. I wanted to work with fever-inducing primary colours, and … Continue reading

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