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Steve’s TV Peeves Continued

… previously on Fisher Lane: No’s 1 to 18 are here. Otherwise, we’ll crack on… with this new Bingo card of TV turn-ons and turn-offs. 19. News reports using a related something to ‘project’ the pertinent points upon. A road … Continue reading

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Extras, Extras, Read All About It!

Back in nineteen-eighty-something I made a faintly public spectacle of myself by having a bout of the giddy-fits whilst alone in a gathering of relative strangers. Ah, loneliness is a crowded room… By which I mean to say I was … Continue reading

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Billy to Camera

Momentousnessness. Groundbreakingness. Wowzersness. Just a few of the words being used to describe, by me, quite possibly the greatest moment of Olympicness, er, ever. I refer, gentle reader in your vest, to last night’s East Enders; the second of the … Continue reading

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Shine On, Michael Moon

Things I don’t say often: ‘Keep the change’; ‘Surprise me’; and ‘Blimey, Eastenders has got its shit together.’ Actually, the first two I’ve never said, but the latter I suddenly find myself remarking with some regularity, and with specific regard … Continue reading

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Magic Rabbits and a Bottle of Beer

In January 1990, I received a neatly-typed, logo-headed reply from the press and publicity office at Brookside Productions Ltd. Brookside, youth, was a Channel 4 TV soap opera, running from 1982 to 2003, set – politically, comically, dramatically and romantically … Continue reading

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