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usually in autumn

Days – usually in autumn, when the sun appears and disappears. And reappears between defective clouds, window-level, lighthousing to the shrill click-track of that reversing thing behind the trees – like these are my absolute worst; reminding me of when I was a … Continue reading

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Things to See in Paris

Two bicycles, Two buildings with their skies. One crack in the wall under Serge Gainsbourg, One little blue-green car and One setting sun across the runway when it’s time to go. Check.  

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Snowdonia, Croatia

I don’t know too much about what’s happening here; I mean what’s calling me to like what has happened. I do know there are echoes of worlds seen in stereoscopic viewfinders, offset-printed postcards, with their biscuit-tin variable inks, and the dry-brush-daubed landscapes … Continue reading

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