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For the Hell of it

Over on the socials, I’m in a group page with a shared interest in the area where I grew up. Somebody recently posted their recollection of a certain nun – one who was bolted to our church and was also … Continue reading

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Christmas Green

I was thinking of a way to write about a particular feeling of Christmas, when I came upon this old piece I never posted (least, I don’t think so). Turns out it says pretty much everything I wanted to say … Continue reading

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Really, Victoria Wood

I’ve remarked on many occasions – including to strangers at bus stops – how I can’t be doing with Science Fiction. Or any Fantasy genre, come to that. I either get too distracted by the unmentioned – the toilets, where … Continue reading

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Particular Fox at Christmas

So I thinks, look, it aint a right-feeling sliding down to Christmas without a-calling on the fussbudget. And it comes to me in a state of undress (I know, sorry), that of ALL things unlikely and traditional and supposed at this … Continue reading

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Father Bunting – a Cut-Out Poem

This Cut-Out thing is the first half-decent use of an abandoned story draft, and a first, therefore, in the words being cut out of my own. This un-hip priest is a cut-out too: out of the priests that lurked in our upbringing; the … Continue reading

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Found Hymn

In the bundle from ’86 is a lyrical oddball I keep coming back to, and only last night before bed did I hear in it the low grumble of perverseness that makes for hymnodic delivery. The humming of graphic absurdities: … Continue reading

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