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Chicago Notes, 5. Brolly

So, I reckons probably this is the last of the Chicago Notes series. I was thinking, there, about the getting lost and all, and things not always turning out quite how I had them imagined beforehand. And I thought, why not … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 4. Two Museums

It’s impish of me to compare them, but I think what I’m really doing is comparing my behaviour, my state, in the both. At the queue-a-lot Art Institute of Chicago I’m all creeping, hushed and like I’m back in school. … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 3. Records

On North Milwaukee looking for a breakfast without a mile-long queue (the french toast is that good – really?) we stumble upon Reckless Records. We give it a quick reccy, get the layout, and then slip into Filter Cafe next door. … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 2. Blues

A Sunday morning, Bucktown. B. helps kick it all off. She’s become my lookout for the accidental Rothko paintings made on the walls about towns. Here are some of them; here are some of Chicago’s blues. In order: Bucktown Carwash; … Continue reading

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Chicago Notes, 1. Lost

Everybody’s lost – I’m not pretending I’m not…* Lostness: as the physical manifestation of a state of feeling lost. Just like dropping things in the kitchen, bumping into stuff – B. says this is when I’m not truly grounded, centred. … Continue reading

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A Child’s American Cartography

I was a whole heap grown up by the first time I visited the U.S. I was forty, in fact. It wasn’t that I hadn’t travelled a fair bit by then, for I had, and had lived in other countries … Continue reading

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