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Toronto, Then

Three years ago this week we were in Toronto. I just came across these photos whilst looking for pictures of Christmas trees (for a post about Christmas trees). The trip was half business, half holidays, and for the most of … Continue reading

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The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Song

Note: I don’t quite know how the tune goes, but I’m thinking it might work with a Joni-Mitchell-esque kind of flutey-pipey vocal. The last two lines I suspect are a chorus of sorts, with which we can all join in, lustily. … Continue reading

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Sam and Walter

Here’s Sam and Walter Mitchell. In 1888, as newly-orphaned brothers in Leeds they were separated by church and workhouse, with an 8-year-old Walter sent to Ontario as was the way back then. I’m the great-grandson of Sam, and tomorrow, 125 … Continue reading

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My October Symphony, Part 1 – North America

A year ago this week I handed in my notice at work, and 48 hours later was on a plane to Chicago with B.; ten hours after that installed in a booth in a bar with a giddying choice of … Continue reading

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A Child’s American Cartography

I was a whole heap grown up by the first time I visited the U.S. I was forty, in fact. It wasn’t that I hadn’t travelled a fair bit by then, for I had, and had lived in other countries … Continue reading

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La Vache Magique

The amah answers the door, lets in the young man with straw-coloured hair, a mustard polo, oatmeal slacks and ox-blood loafers. ‘Bonjour’, he says, and in place of raising a hat, for he hasn’t one, he lifts and lowers the … Continue reading

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