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The Clearout at the End of the Notebook

Rationalising the contents of the little brick sheds. In the opening scenes, a Tennents Lager ashtray hits me soundly on the head. Slapstick or hospital drama. There are boxes on boxes of old branded glassware: some for brands which barely saw … Continue reading

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Toronto, Then

Three years ago this week we were in Toronto. I just came across these photos whilst looking for pictures of Christmas trees (for a post about Christmas trees). The trip was half business, half holidays, and for the most of … Continue reading

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‘A Lady’s Good Liquor’

With this week’s news concerning minimum alcohol pricing and the ongoing political and economic efforts to address drink-related health and crime issues, I was fascinated to find this boozy and quite disturbing rant from the pen of ‘A Lady’; again, … Continue reading

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Chilli Sauce Everything

Beer and hot chilli sauces share similar semiotic trajectories, which see them both, as they get stronger, more challenging, or more flavourfully esoteric, converge in a peak of silliness. Generally speaking. And it was a thumping opener. Google any hot … Continue reading

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