Tiny House, My Teabag

I understand there’s lots of staging, and the best friends are sometimes not that, but… I’m kinda addicted these early mornings to the Tiny House, Big Living series on the Travel Channel. And for all the comfort psychology, nesting and The Poetics of Space, it’s the people I find myself drawn to. Even the toothiest and most wholesome of them (and, yes, I do use wholesome derogatively) pull me in with their exuberant warbling, their staple-gunned ‘oh-my-gosh-ness’ and their unlikely average heights (but then again little people in little spaces is no fun, right?). And I know that it’s the scripted-or-otherwise ‘can-do’ that gives me a buzz – or a shock of shame; and it’s the partnerships that speak of possibilities. Open minds on open roads. For anyone privileged enough. Which I was.

At the suddenly funkytown Arts Trail where I showed my work, perhaps the thing I was most proud of (a contender being my design and build of the Tiny House-style leaning pop-up stands) was that someone bought the ‘My Teabag’ print. Shown here above, see? The young lady of a young couple, laughing and then asking. My reaching for it from a ledge. And the not much needing to talk about it, just knowing that somebody got it and liked it enough to want it in their home. It’s one of the Inky Conditions pieces which, more than any other, I allowed to percolate – or more correctly mash – for any significant time. Selling it felt like telling my first real story.


About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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