Posts from the Var Side – Monday 6th July

Two interesting happenings at our regular café this morning. Firstly was that the man we called Elvis (see yesterday’s post) arrived while we were in there. He was wearing a bright summery shirt and jazzy printed shorts. Elvis in Blue Hawaii. We heard him laughing loudly with the new owners (we’re guessing) at the bar. He walked past us but didn’t recognise us. It was dead nice to see him, though, and to see him so happy too.
Secondly in the same café, there was a customer in there looked just like Jesus. Obviously I mean the Hollywood / TV version of The Man. He was dressed like that version too, and he was even reading a small pamphlet about some monk, or saint, I couldn’t tell; and one doesn’t like to stare, you know, at Jesus. I wondered if he was there because of my made-up song from yesterday. I took a sneaky side-on photo, but in it he looks like he’s throttling a tiny old woman, like just from how his hand is and where she’s seated in the background. Obviously that wouldn’t do: just way too many ‘looks-likes’…

In other bar-related news, we were recognised last night in the place where we most often go for an apéro, and the bloke there pointed to us and said our order. So that was nice. Someone nearby was drinking a madly light green beer, which I asked about and it turned out to be like a Monaco, but with kiwi syrup. I’m thinking of having one this evening. If I do, I’ll be all like “because YOLO”, which teenagerly phrase I am greatly enjoying using a lot at the moment.

Walked up to Portissol this afternoon, which turned into a total nature-watch event. We saw wildcats, crocodiles and a giant noisy dinosaur with wings, called a ‘cicada’. Photos of all three here:

Blog Sanary benny


Blog Sanary Cicada

Blog Sanary Kitten


And finally.. turquoise ring project update: we found and bought a beautiful one in last night’s street market. I am so happy with it. It’s like a mile off-brief, shape-wise, but I bloody love it. And sometimes that’s how things turn out. If I were the type, I’d turn this into a life lesson; or something to do with business planning, or coaching. That sort of thing. Because, y’know, YOLO.

Blog Sanary Ring


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I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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