Particular Fox Revisited, 7-12

In a pleasingly un-fastidious fashion, I’ve delayed this Part 2 of 2 posting (Part 1 link to ‘episodes’ 1-6 is here) for all of nine months: forgetting; uncertain; possibly even un-fussed – unhappy with it all? Which is a terrible business to admit in front of so beautiful an audience. Catharsis, I think, finally drives me. And knowing that something, somewhere – within me, or without me – might be sparked.

No.7 (March 2013) I have a mad fondness for this one, executed as it was with my left hand. I liked the chopped and awkward rendering, suiting the awful happening that was Particular Fox’s first time. Brachial Neuritis had been diagnosed (I know, ‘arm pain’) from a first year spent at the new career and a desk set-up that was all wrong, but now just, like the fox’s, a painful memory and a useful lesson.




No.8 (March 2013) Oh, the cynicism. And it doesn’t quite work as a line, I know: is more cruel than he’s supposed to be. Pleased with his tail, mind – both my brush and his.



No.9 (April 2013) I liked working on the composite / collage-y style of this one, and keeping the whole quite painterly wet. His mischievous mate is nicely done, but I’ve got Particular Fox all wrong with his daft neck… The spoken line speaks volumes about me.


No.10 (May 2013) Heavy stuff. In the small sharing I did of this at the time, this got very little, er, ‘take up’. And yes, this was totally me just killing him off: to sleep by the side of the road. The ladybird was his soul preparing to take flight. In hindsight I should probably have given him the chance of a last observational remark – doubtless to do with the bug, or impending reincarnation. I ‘photo modelled’ for his unfortunate face, with its unfortunate fate.


No.11 (June 2013) And then I decided to bring him right back. The fusspot from beyond. Over-stylish, over-thought and over-complicated. Go me.

Particular Fox 11 Fbook

No.12 (July 2013) Of course, as if the previous one wasn’t over-worked enough… Though in fairness I like the ‘spirit’ appearance of his Fox-ness. About a year later, B. came home with a T-shirt with pretty much that same fox-face on it. I let it go. And (a Christmas special aside), this frame was probably a fitting way to have ended a chronology; enough to know his fussbudgetry is everlasting.



So, there we are; and, as Particular Fox would never say – that was rather fun in its re-telling. Where it took / takes me, or left / leaves me (creatively, cartoonly), I don’t know so much; though I know it’s one to think over another time.


About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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