Parade of the Unwritten Posts

Punctuating urgent paragraphs of creative resolutions, bursts of untethered dialogue and occasional confessions, throughout these buff (skinny) notebooks are the one-liner entries prefixed ‘F.L. Post – ’, or sometimes just ‘FL’; being for Fisher Lane, this blog as we’ve opted to name it. Increasingly less [sic] of these thoughts make it past shopping-list status – which is, of course, just how it is. But I had the recent vanity to write down: ‘F.L. Post – all F.L. Post Notes since Jan 2012’, which is when the blog – and this new life – began. And this has become so. Here, then, in one-liner form, else with a small note for helpfulness, is the Parade of the Unwritten Posts: numbered (past to present, to make up a pleasing round 60) for your pleasure and convenience.


  1. The Dunedin Spoon – about a decorative spoon in my parents’ house, sent in the 50s from an emigrated lesbian aunt
  2. Glen Baxterwelded steel
  3. Courtroom Artists
  4. Cocteau Twins
  5. What’s up with Finland?
  6. Made-up Motivational Posters and Idioms
  7. The Mustard Seed – a church folk group I was in, early teens
  8. Why I Like Country Music
  9. Being in the Scouts
  10. The Afterlife of Household Objects – I later heard a stand-up bit on the same subject by the lovely Alun Cochrane. Mine covered also the petrifying business of Mother Shipton’s Cave
  11. Old People, Modern Food
  12. The Songs of New Order – up to and including Waiting for the Sirens’ Call
  13. Being in the Scouts #2
  14. A Decorator Reflects
  15. The Art of Renée Halpern – Warsaw-born French painter and printmaker

    Rennee Halpern - a la Campagne. Respectfully borrowed from

    Rennee Halpern – a la Campagne. Respectfully borrowed from

  16. Jake Thackray
  17. Gary Numan in Concert – and reconnecting with an old friend
  18. The Family at One End Street – which Eve Garnett book I found coincidentally in an Oxfam just last week
  19. The Smoking French

    my sketch of French smoking ladies in cafe

    my sketch of elegant French ladies smoking in a cafe

  20. Horse Stories – I was known briefly at art college for collecting and queering stories about horses
  21. A House, Then a Shop, Then a House Again – you know, how some buildings are
  22. ‘Totes Moz’ – on Morrissey’s attractiveness to males
  23. Tracy Barlow’s World of Helpful Phrases
  24. The Stray Cats
  25. I.O.U. by Freeez

    me, with my copy (and a showy ring)

    me, with my copy (and a showy ring)

  26. Magazine – as in the band
  27. The Flames of Passion – a pop song by an unknown pop band I was briefly in
  28. Remy the Duckling
  29. Amy Winehouse, F-me Pumps
  30. Why I Like Country Music #2
  31. My Bag of Hats
  32. Door Wedges – I used to ‘collect’ door wedges from interesting places
  33. Darcy’s Arse – malodorous musings upon personal hygiene at the time of Jane Austen’s writing (actually posted somewhere, somehow on (whispers) Blogger)
  34. My Great-Grandfather’s Stool – unconnected with the above; I have a small wooden stool made by Great Grandad Sam
  35. French Enamelware

    B. calls these 'those pots and pans'. Honestly, some people.

    B. calls these ‘those pots and pans’. Honestly, some people.

  36. Wabi Sabi – the perfection of imperfection, I think
  37. Apartment Living
  38. A Lifetime of Barbers
  39. Instant Noodles
  40. A Drinking Gene
  41. Amy Winehouse, F-me Pumps #2
  42. Sixteen Craft Beers of Ontario, Reviewed in a Particular Style
  43. Bachelors in the Eyes of Elderly Women – on Edwardian mothering
  44. New Romantic Make-up
  45. Really Shit Corporate Hosts
  46. Prefab Sprout, 1984 – 1990
  47. Cocteau Twins #2
  48. Emily Dickinson’s Leaving Do – some old light verse
  49. Playlist from The Phono Nightclub, Leeds
  50. Effusive Eaters – and their Larkin-like opposites
  51. Seinfeld’s Supporting Characters
  52. List of Crisps
  53. People Who Light up a Room – a comedy stand-up bit
  54. The Cult of Next Door’s Cat
  55. Why I Like Country Music #3
  56. Three Morrissey Concerts – not a review

    I know. You can practically see it's him.

    I know. You can practically make out it’s Moz (and Boz).

  57. Being at Home; Her Not Being at Home
  58. Particular Fox, Collated Part 2 part 1 was posted ages ago
  59. Seamonsters by The Wedding Present
  60. John Updike’s memoir Self-Consciousness – about rain and Christmas

About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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3 Responses to Parade of the Unwritten Posts

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    Somehow a list says so much more! This cheered me up. French enamelware is soooo cool. How can anyone not like chipped and rusted utensils?? Your bands are so of your/our era 🙂 And you like country music??? I’m quite partial to a bit of bluegrass. Everyone would smoke if we could all pull it off in a French way.

    • It was fun to indulge in a list. And to give this lot an outing. The country music post has begun and been abandoned so many times, which feels bitter-sweetly in keeping with the genre – and the impact of that Lloyd Cole song title when I was a student, somehow never fades. Unlike the black jeans of the same period.

      • weebluebirdie says:

        I think it’s the bittersweet that gets me too…and the melodrama! And you can’t beat Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. I’ve still to listen to Nine Inch Nails Hurt; but I bet it won’t make me cry like JC’s!! Yup, grey jeans just don’t cut it 🙂

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