Nine Pictures from Villefranche

So we nipped over for a long weekend in Villefranche (Cote d’Azur), to meet with our Canadian Cousins, just off the back of some business in Nice. Fabulousness was had –  nothing but – and here are precisely nine pictures which say something of the time:

1. Increasingly I’m a spotter of ‘signs with something other to say’, and was lucky enough to catch this Rothko-esque lovely before the whole thing was replaced (by four – four – workmen) the following day. I say Rothko, but there’s a touch of the Gerhard Richter about the central panel too. Either way, what a way to present anyone’s potential experience.


2. Re-familiarising ourselves (this was Visit 3, and there will be more) with the bay of VF as it bends, we came across a ready-made  for a probably up-coming Picture Window print work. I should say this is the toppermost visage of the Carpaccio restaurant, where we chose to eat for our last meal together. Grand!


3. The weekend was all about the bougainvillea. How its leaves become other flowers’ petals; everywhere, sporadically, and too much sometimes to look upon.


4. These recent weeks – Fisher Lane followers – have of course been the weeks of Found Poems. My finding is found in most particular ways, for sure, but here’s a purist’s entry. I lurve the last line of both verses. Really, join me in relishing both. Lovely stuff.


5. Framing the sky in the houses. I’ve been a little pixie-ish in lobbing a filter over this one, as the raw photo alone made my point and a point of those angles – but it (the filter) popped out a quite rakish keyline about the blue river of sky overhead, and I like that, painterly.


6. Any coastal diversions from the ubiquitous K1664 and the green machine are welcome, and whilst hardly esoteric, and not even un-part of the business, it’s always nice to come across a Karlsbrau now and then. I worked with their Alsacien brewers in Saverne about a hundred years ago, and seeing the brand makes me remember to be glad of the things I got to do. Well, this one was gladly had in Cap Ferrat, in a harbourside restaurant where I came this close to accidentally ordering a hideous fish. Chin-chin!


7. Bentleys, Ferraris and Rollers and blah – I found my dream machine in this tidily tightened and whitened Ford Transit. Beauty, aint she? Imagine the adventures!


8. And on a similar theme of making ones choices in the glare of glamour, here’s a snap of my favourite shop window display in the whole of Monte Carlo (20 mins by train from VF). Look at those escutcheons. I’m a sucker for an escutcheon. There’s even a rusted one on display, see?


9. Finally, another lovely motor. This one’s a Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible. 1967? I dunno, I can’t say for sure at this distance from Monaco now, but know that it had all four of us snapping away at its parked-up postures, all at once together. I got a little whoozy over the blue paintwork. As anyone would. Really, as anyone would.



And so mainly that was much of our visit to Villefranche with our family and friends from far away.





About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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