Leeds Rugby League, My History

From the mid-1970s until just into the 80s, I went with my dad to see pretty much every match played by Leeds RLFC. Home at Headingley, and away. These were the golden years for (pre-Rhinos) Leeds; successive Challenge Cup wins and a squad that beat up national sides for fun. But this here isn’t a club history so much as a record of my own collection of Leeds RL stuff – my near-obsessive news-clipping scrapbooking; my mouth-breathing autograph gathering; and the little wonder I developed an early taste for ale, and the fabulous business of advertising it.


First up: welcome to my world of 3-D lettering and miscreant felt-tips (note helpful colour annotation).

The Scrapbook – an old desk-diary from my dad’s work; I updated this every Monday evening (probably instead of homework) with clippings and reports from The Yorkshire Evening Post. Pre-Pritt Stick, Gloy Gum held my world together.


Badges and autographs.

Some sample scrapbook pages. Kevin Dick, ‘laughing all over his face’. On the right, clippings from Saturday teatime’s Green Post; featuring the ever-speedy David Smith in a really nice shirt.

More samples: Mixed reports of Hoodoo Butterfingered Blunderlands and, on a brighter note, ‘Dick Sparkles’. Also the signing of ‘Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie Cunningham’ – one of the best I ever saw.

Here’s a small selection of Match Programme covers. Middle row top is from ’71, and so must’ve been donated. Bottom right (I always did like Hunslet games, especially the floodlit series) is signed by Eddie ‘up-and-under’ Waring.

Super sun-drenched saturated Technicolor! And no, there was never anything funnier than the name ‘Fartown’.


Programme adverts: Years of exposure to this stuff – both the so-modern beers and the coolest of ads – it was bound to sink in somehow. And note the ‘something for the lady’, bottom right: don’t talk to me about sophistication, etc etc…


More programme adverts, Yorkshire-centric. Yes, it probably was the atmosphere.


And, to end with, some pieces worthy of Mad Men – and Huddersfield’s Teresa, the Personality Girl.



(all photos and things are property of me, obviously, so if you do want to use / see more, drop me a line via comments. Thanks.)

About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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