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TUESDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2013 – La Fête d’Alex: Pass Around

Today it’s our nephew’s birthday. Shopping for gifts in the morning (the town back to business Tuesday), including a visit to the beer shop up the road a little, where I got everything that makes for the Hopus experience; a protracted transaction with the shop owner there, although he was being thoughtful with the careful cutting out of the cardboard to protect the Hopus glass in the gift bag. And like all French traders I noticed he had that special way of adding up the prices with loud, pronouncing breaths and inwardly-directed corrections.

Sixteen of us gathered at A & M’s place at le Brusc, plus a non-participative rabbit (Wilko, we’ve met him before) and a very involved cat, Giteau, named, like the bunny, for a Toulon star. Here’s Giteau in his favourite bag, of Toulon’s colours, naturally:


The hiss and bubble ceremony of la raclette was the buzz of the evening, with heaps of cheese and meats being continually passed around the table; little doll pans charged and meltiness inspected, or mistimed. At our end of the table was the charming young son of an old friend we’ve not met before (the son, not the old friend, whom we have), who’d been two years living and working in Liverpool, which we thought, in our cartoon thoughts, would make for plenty a scallyish tale. He hadn’t quite picked up that gift for gabbing, but was pleased that Stevie G. had made us safe on the night; while Ribéry’s France (as we think of them) did what they needed to do to the Finns.



We explained the Hopus ritual to Alex, which felt like the nice passing-on of that beer experience we were given in Amsterdam. It’s lovely, I think, that things pass around like that.

Here are A&M looking young and bohemian in the electric pink light.


Giteau (the cat, not the Australian utility back) settled down on his clothes-dryer perch, and that, therefore, was mainly Tuesday.

Note – Here’s a link to that Hopus serving business… here

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I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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