Posts from the Var Side, 10th October

THURSDAY 10TH OCTOBER 2013 – Entertaining

They are trimming the palm trees all about town, and today was the turn of the ones outside our holiday home. It’s not as delicate a job as trimming might suggest, but rather involves hydraulics and chainsaws and lots of shouting. Along with the new do’s, it seems every so often – about one in ten – a tree will get the full shaven, chop-topped treatment, and after stands club-like, squat and a little embarrassed.
We have a joke here that the mayor (himself as tall as a palm) arranges such activities for our being here, as every year we’ve been coming and no matter the time of year, there’s some terrifically noisesome municipal undertakings: replacing all the bollards; relocating a drain; and one memorable year installing a comically short expanse of dropped kerb, which took seven working days, as many rolls of cordon, and the very best efforts of half a dozen smoking men. But this is the way of a town that’s a Busytown, and in the main we are very well insulated from the noise, and enjoy the entertainment the works can provide.
Here’s some o’ that hot palm-trimming action.


In the evening Annie and Willi came over, and so did my godson, his missus and their lovely little girl, and we had a great feast of everything craquant et nibbly, and the Corsican sausage was a hit. We’d got in some Corsican beer too, rather forgetting that the gang are off to the island tomorrow and will have their fill there.

Cheeky Little Sausage 1

Cheeky Little Sausage 1

Little Cheeky Sausage 2 (and yes, that is HP Sauce on the table)

Cheeky Little Sausage 2 (and yes, that is HP Sauce on the table)

And today the wind got up and the temperature dropped a couple of beats, which we knew was coming, but it’s still wonderfully warm and wonderful to be here, and with our family too.

All of which was mainly Thursday.


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I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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